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Robert and Susana Barolin, natives of Uruguay and residing in Alexandria VA in 1976, discovered their interest for the restaurant business as they were working in a corporate owned five star restaurant in Washington D.C.

A perfect combination of Robert's interest for gourmet cuisine and Susana's desire to be an entrepreneur set them out to learn every aspect of the business. In 1981, Robert attended culinary school at night while Susana was getting hands on training managing a family owned restaurant in D.C. These experiences were preparing them for a future not yet in their vision.

In 1985 they decided to move their family to Manassas, VA to provide their children with a more relaxed environment. Robert continued to work in D.C., while Susana was a stay at home mom. As the family was getting adjusted to a new home, they enjoyed exploring the charm of Old Town Manassas and found "The Sandwich Factory" which was a cute deli and housed in the two story W.C. Wagener Historic building, circa 1899, for sale.

The Barolins, owners of the City Square Cafe

Robert and Susana had a new vision for their future, and saw the potential of this business to put their knowledge and experience to work.

In April of 1989 the Barolins were the proud owners of "The Sandwich Factory Cafe." By 1996 the cafe had gone trough major remodeling and was now open as a full service restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a new name: "City Square Cafe".

The Barolins ran a real family business with all three of their children, Robert II, Natalia, and Fernando. They all worked at the restaurant which kept the family together throughout the growth of a successful business.

We would like to extend our appreciation to our children, our loyal customers, and everyone that believed in us as we accomplished our dream.

~ Robert and Susana Barolin